Twin Cities metal band King of Tyrus was formed by guitarist Garrett Metcalf and vocalist Arkady Evgeny in the fall of 2013. Soon after, the group wrote and recorded their debut EP, The Harrowing - a fast and visceral collection of horror stories woven into a 20 minute nightmare. Despite their original aspirations, the band was not destined to stay within the confines of death metal. As their oeuvre proves, King of Tyrus’ sound continuously grows and evolves beyond listeners’ expectations. In 2016, after welcoming bassist Cory Fast (ex-Bloodmoon), the band headed back to the studio to record their sophomore EP, Blood for the Baptism. Where The Harrowing invoked a nightmare, Blood for the Baptism evoked it. They quickly set themselves apart from their contemporaries by grounding their music in complex, cerebral stories. With a foundation in the conceptual, King of Tyrus maintains the powerful philosophy that good music is honest and personal and they will always write in that light, with their pen illuminated and their paper in the dark. In 2019, this dichotomy of lightness and darkness was actualized by their 3rd release: FORM & VOID. With the addition of drummer Kieran Eckberg and years of experience, King of Tyrus will be a name to look out for this year. Their fan base, The Tyrus Kingdom, grows everyday and they stand out no matter where they play by delivering an energetic, passionate live performance, recruiting fans worldwide. King of Tyrus will always be a commanding presence on stage and will always provide a thought-provoking meditation on life and death off of it.


They are truly Metal for the Mind.

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